Giving Bees a Hand

I’ve spent the last few days preparing for my new advocation as a beekeeper. Honey bees, as


we all know, are in trouble. I hope to do my part in helping them out by keeping two colonies in my backyard.

Pieces of the hives arrived the other day. I started putting them together today. Shown here is one of the hive bodies, a pine box where one of the colonies will call home.

That’s me in the protective veil and jacket. The bees, Italian honeybees, will arrive in mid-March. Beekeepers prefer the Italians because they are less aggressive than other species. I figure we’ll eventually come to an understanding — I plan to speak to them in their native language— and I’ll be able to approach them with less armor.

Special thanks to Eric Talley, a master beekeeper in nearby Hubert, who has become my mentor. The man knows his bees.

Watch for updates here as this new adventure proceeds.